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How to inspire and achieve greater success in your business

Monday | 16 September 2019

BizHub, 179 Maroondah Highway Ringwood

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On average 260,000 businesses close down every year in Australia. 44% of these is because of Leadership complacency.

In the face of uncertainty and adversities, business leaders can not afford to be complacent, now or in the future.  When it comes to business leadership, complacency leads to stagnation.


You take your eyes off the ball and stop doing the essential elements that your business needs you to do. The business goes from thriving to struggling. 

When business leaders become complacent, they lose sight of their vision, mission and purpose.

When that happens, it runs throughout the entire organisation starting with the Business leader, the CEO, Business owner or the business Manager then with your employees. You then start to lose customers which will impact your cashflow and to the loss of your business.

It doesn’t stop there, you may loose your house or may even loose your family.

Complacency kills.


This seminar will show you the causes of complacency and provide a proven 5-step strategy so you can take your business to the next level .


Complacency will kill the future of leadership. Its up to you.


Join us in this free seminar.


Transformational Leadership Seminar

How to inspire and achieve greater success in your business

Limited seats available

Outcomes you can expect from the seminar:

Gain an understanding on why Complacency Kills businesses

Learn the 5 simple strategies to overcome Leadership complacency

Assess your own transformational leadership skill level


Transformational Leadership Seminar

How to inspire and achieve greater success in your business

Limited seats available

Why this seminar is essential to business leaders?

In this transformational Leadership seminar, you will discover how to create positive energy, ignite passion, and foster a work environment that thrives on personal inspiration, adaptability, collaboration, and accountability.

You will learn to think “outside of the square” and become an inspirational force for continued success within your organisation. You will learn on how collaboration and empowering your team can have a high positive effect on your business profitability. In this seminar, we will teach you how to build a clear vision that includes specific steps, techniques, and tools to make you the change factor within your organisation. Get ready to be inspired, assess your skills, master new strategies, influence others and transform yourself.

Limited seats available. Reserve your seat now. 

Seminar Facilitator/Presenter - Engineer Hassan Younes


Hassan is a sought after International keynote speaker at business, academic, and personal development events and industry summits - internationally.


His long-awaited first book, “Complacency Kills”, due to release later this year.


As an authority on Business Leadership, Business Management, Education Skills Training and Entrepreneurship, Hassan is widely published Nationally and Internationally, providing valuable insights into the future of Leadership. He works with businesses and business leaders to recognise key strategies for growth and success, and to be aware of the pitfalls that are not always obvious yet can be devastating.


Complacency is the silent killer of many successful businesses and can have disastrous outcomes. He shares his knowledge and experience in captivating keynote presentations and workshops with powerful stories and strategies that transform business leaders and businesses.

Hassan Younes is an International keynote speaker, author and a successful global entrepreneur. He has a background in aerospace engineering, organisational change and business management across multiple diverse industries, and over two decades in the education and training sector. 

Throughout his professional career, He has utilised his skills and experience in business management to build a successful vocational training organisation, multiple travel agencies, build an international education facility in the Philippines and managed investment and property development projects.

Hassan holds an honours degree in Aerospace Engineering from RMIT in Melbourne and other qualifications in Business Administration, Business Management, Accounting, and Education. As the Founder and CEO of the Training College of Australia, his passion is to raise the standards of early childhood educators and leaders in all business sectors. 

Hassan is also the Founder and Chair of the International Academy of Marawi, Managing Director at Caradon Investments, Founder & Senior Business Coach for Lanao Business Services and is the Managing Director at Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre. 


Free - Transformational Leadership Seminar
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Free - Transformational Leadership Seminar

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Registration 9.30am 

Starts 10am - 12noon

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