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The Training College of Australia provides several short courses in areas of high demand, and one of our most popular is our First Aid Course in Melbourne. Accidents can happen anywhere, and with the knowledge you can learn in one of our first aid classes you will know how best to react before emergency services arrive.


Related Services We Provide to Our First Aid Training Course in Melbourne


First aid training is only one of the many courses we offer in Melbourne. We provide certification in early childhood education as well as in business. Outside of those programs, we offer a range of seminars and professional development workshops relating to all areas of business. Closer to our first aid training courses we also offer the following courses:


  • A separate course explicitly to teach the method of performing CPR. CPR is included in our standard first aid training course, but we recommend that CPR training be renewed every 12 months to keep in line with industry standards.

  • We also provide a separate first aid training course focused on education and care settings. We tailor this to deal with the types of injuries common in schools and daycares on children and infants as well as adults.

  • Many aspects of first aid are taught in our early childhood education and development programs in Melbourne. Even for students, industry standards suggest taking refresher courses every three years.


Benefits of Booking a First Aid Refresher Courses in Melbourne from the Training College of Australia


Our courses come with several benefits. We strive to provide educational opportunities with the flexibility to fit within your schedule. As a part of this, we offer both on-site and off-site first aid refresher courses and at the best prices in Melbourne.


  • Many businesses require first aid certification for some of their employees, including recertification every three years as is industry standard. Instead of attending one of our first aid refresher courses at our convenient Melbourne location, let us come to you for the course.

  • Our training is accredited, and we use the most up to date equipment and standards, which helps to ensure that the first aid you learn in our refresher course will best prepare you should you find yourself in an emergency.

  • Providing the best prices in Melbourne helps us better serve the educational needs of our community. We strive to offer our classes at the lowest cost possible to remove as many barriers to education.


Why the Training College of Australia’s First Aid Refresher Course is Cost-Effective


We founded the Training College of Australia to offer the best training and educational programs possible. An essential aspect of this is to ensure that our courses are affordable, especially courses so vital and lifesaving as first aid training in Melbourne. We offer the best prices and the flexibility of our on-site classes. Contact us today to book your course or to learn more information about our other offerings.

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