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When presenting a first aid course in Geelong, our focus is on offering accredited training with exceptional student support. We are driven to bring practical training to people with our online courses and mobile training services.


Related services we provide to first aid training Geelong


You can attend a first aid refresher course at our Geelong facilities. To maximise your experience, we offer the following services too:


  • Guaranteed placement: If you are studying our course in Early Childhood Education and Training, we can guarantee placement at Arndell Park Early Childhood Learning Centre for practical training of this course.

  • Affordable mobile Training: If you are interested in First Aid courses, we will bring our accredited training to you for a group with a minimum of eight people. Our prices are extremely competitive and vary between $60 and $145 per person, depending on which course you follow.

  • Consulting and coaching: With our consulting services, we offer you guidance in establishing a business structure and operational process to ensure your business’ longevity. The coaching services design a 90-day plan to improve, among others, your marketing, sales and management processes.


Problems Training College of Australia Addresses


We offer more than just first aid training courses in Geelong and strive to comprehensively address all aspects of our students’ education, training and placement. This dedication has driven us to form partnerships, revisit our assessment methods and ensure our trainers have maximum experience in their field.


 Assessments: Our innovative assessment methods evaluate student’s work and skills which enable them to acquire university clearance. This approach, which differs from traditional exam assessments, are less stressful for our students. The methods we use include presentations, reports, essays tests and role-plays. • Educational partnerships: Our national and international partnerships ensure that our students can train in their chosen industry before they graduate. • Transferable credits: To assist you in reaching your dream of attending university, we have ensured that our courses are up to standard, consequently when you complete a course or diploma with us, you can transfer these credits to selected university degree courses.


Irrespective of which course you choose, a first aid refresher course in Geelong, or a diploma course, as a stepping stone to university, our courses will catapult you on your path to higher education, and ensure you achieve your dream.


Why you should use Training College of Australia


Whether you are interested in attending a course for cardiopulmonary resuscitation training or a first aid refresher course in Geelong, our adult education training college provides quality education through our competency-based programs. We also offer quality early childhood education and care training to students to provide high standard vocational training and education. With life-experienced trainers, we add another dimension of training to our programmes which further prepares you for the real world. Don’t drop out, don’t you quit, contact us to enrol for a first aid training course in Geelong and start working toward your goals today.

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